02 February 2014 – Going Through The Oceans

02 – February 2014

Going Through the Oceans
Will Carson
The walrus dove into the icy deep, the seals dropped into a bitter sleep
The captain turned into the hurricane and Adam wondered why his clothes were stained
Lost sailors swam across the bering strait, and crashed against techtonic plates
and fell into a dark and twisted tale, and wondered why their intuitions failed
Whales turned renegades into giant squid, and sprayed black ink on marianas kids
our anchor dropped on subterranean silt, and cracked the dome that Atlantis built.
Cameron fell to the southern poles, and released the Kracken to savage our souls
The first mate dropped an island full of potions, in our splintered ship going through the oceans.
Continental drift came and went in younger days, and islands grew from their watery graves
Like mountains raptured to the heavens high, and mist covered tears on a swollen god’s eye
Scarlet channels bled through the permafrost, and call to sailors centuries since lost
Worn sweaters knits with owner’s names, now twisted and torn and filled with rage
From the depths of the angry, swollen sea, with sharks and coral reefs for company
What tales they took down one thousand leagues, to the calm and gentle on the floor of the sea
What peace was made with the Creator of all, when the water filled their lungs
and the cauldron called
Anger rose like a wave and shattered its stand, and pounded the pebbles into grains of sand
A lone shoe rested gently against the shore’s foamy motions …… and the rest of me kept on going through the oceans

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