04 March 2014 – Maybe

featuring Mary Hrovat

04 March 2014



Will Carson


The passion for a time gone by, breaks myself on stones of now. A charging wave to soon withdraw, it will come again with the rising tide. Of anger at an open door, not quite reached before it closed. Forever gone she turned her head to more receptive scenes (poem by Jonas Zoller).

You run through knee high grass, joyously to me
the sun is in my face and I can hardly see
The sun’s behind your head, there’s a golden glow
I feel the warmth of you, sliding through my soul

And as you hold me tight, I can barely breath
I hear you laugh so free, I want to leave
Your eyes are confidence, your voice is lean
your palms speak to the truth, of the clouds you’ve seen

The sky is crystal clear, as we sit down
making broken silhouettes, upon the ground
I’ve forgotten yesterday, before we were
riding the horizon of our future

The sun is merciless, it burns our backs
the smile upon your face, soon melts like wax
The flies they bother you, tears are in your eyes
I feel a trace of rain, goodbye blue skies

You say you need me so, what can I say
I’ll say that I need you too, but will you stay
You took my words away, I am overcome
My blood runs cold and clear, my body’s numb

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, so please don’t stare
I guess I found the golden ring, isn’t really there
We’ll meet again tomorrow, at this same time
maybe then we can talk about, what’s really on our minds

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