03 April 2014 – On the Wood

He is risen!

03 April 2014


On the Wood

Will Carson

Am-g-d-am / g-d-am-em

Raindrops fall like petals, against his thorn-laced brow
On his knees in the upper room, before his disciples bowed
Their feet clean, his bare and bloodied, and muddied now
He’s wrapped in cloth again, the beginning and the end
The thunder roars, the lightning cracks, the curtain begins to shred

So thirsty, back in the desert, surveying the devil’s claim
Shoulders sag underneath the weight of humanity’s blame
Parched on the inside but skin shivering in the rain
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me
Inside the holy of holies, the curtain begins to crease

His blood pours down and mingles with the water on the ground
His breathing is labored, and torment swirls all around
He healed others, many cry, let him release from the wood unbound
His blood pools at the knees of his mother and her new son kneeling there
One sinner says “remember me” and the curtain begins to tear

Now there’s only darkness and silence in his heart
Soon will come the soldiers and a spear his ribs will part
But in the glory of that moment, the curse of man departs
See how His father has turned away, and all his followers too
It is finished cries the Son of Man and the curtain is torn in two

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