03 May 2014 – Setting Sun

03 May 2014






Setting Sun

Will Carson



Walking up this mountain trail, the air is growing cold
Every step is harder yet, every breath is smoke and mold
Looking back on sunlit days, that I turned dark by choice
First I lost the narrow road and then I lost my voice

I was given everything a son could ever need
Walking past the shrubs and vines, my documentary bleeds
It’s not that the circumstances weighed my destiny down
I just turned and walked away – a broken, orphaned clown


Along the way I found a girl after rooting through the trash
The crown she wore soon blinded me and our awkward journey crashed
I think I’ll sit upon this rock and look back where I’ve been
Through hell and light and tortured nights of radiating sin


I did my best with the little ones and the youngsters in my path
I told them stories, picked them up and tried to make them laugh
But best intentions aren’t enough, mistakes are always made
I find myself a solitary man, limply softly from the parade


There were times he carried me and times I tried to hide
Heard him calling for many years while I coldly bid my time
And though I know He’s never left, the passion melted away
His words grew brittle and truth grew stale ’til there was nothing left to say


Now it’s time to pay the debt, regret is not enough
The mountain’s toll has exploded my bones and I was never that tough
Let me climb just a few more steps into the setting sun
Set my course for the mercy seat because I won’t be walking down


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