05 May 2014 – Under

05 May 2014

Will Carson


One day I woke up, and was no longer afraid – of the dark, of the anger, of the pain
The moment that relief rose like the morning sun, death washed over me again and again

In the emptiness, a forest grew up around me – filled with spring leaves, buds, and life
I lay on an oak bench, reflective, and waited for the stillness to be sorted from the strife

Suddenly a sound arose, first the wings of incests – then crickets, birds, and the wind
Then a choir of heavenly angels, like a symphony – blowing away the grains of old sin

A brilliant angel wrapped me in his arms of light – and lifted me into the sky
a halo of sunlight swirled around his shifting form – his wings conducted me high

I was flown to a cathedral on a cloud – satin white – and curled like a mantis at his feet
The room was lit up by the glory of his grace – the king, a ball of fire, on the bema seat

I bowed my head, closed my eyes, as my life replayed like a speeding film
I looked into the deep, dark brow of my savior, and saw that he was underwhelmed.

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