01 June 2014 – Vagrant Miscues

01 June 2014

Vagrant Miscues
Will Carson

When I was young the foolish deeds slipped off my back like rain
Unwavering confidence, rose up again and again
But soon I grew a cast iron stock, around my swollen neck
Both smooth and sharp the shackles grew upon my burgeoning wreck

The darkest soul forged chains of sin, with twisted glittering links
He found a way to bypass my brain, so I act before I think
He added weights to the end of the chains, to drag throughout this life
He pushed aside the rescuer and branded me with his knife

These vagrant miscues were seared and stained, in the corners of my mind
I cannot take a single step without the memories walking in line
As I reflect, they were serious moves, which crippled a legion of souls
Not washed away by blood or intentions or my journey as a whole

So I like a ghost or a memory, stay shackled to the shame of the past
Look hard into the eyes of the master, and wonder if his grace will last
We begin to melt with our first great sin, flakes of skin dance away in the wind
Dueling voices steer our destiny, one hopeless; one says “begin again”

There is comfort in the darkness, and the shame of our worthless charade
Or there’s comfort in forgiveness, for the dead seas that we have made
Vagrant miscues call to you, in which ear will you let them arrive
To live and die in our past mistakes, or to walk away and survive

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